Fully Framed Showerscreens

The fully framed showerscreen is modern and slimline in appearance and are easy to clean. The magnetic seal allows for a secure close. Great for the budget minded. Keep in mind that for a little extra you can change the handle to a solid brass knob coated to match your choice of frame.

Perimeter Framed Showerscreens

If you want a clear unobtrusive showerscreen, with minimal frame, but still have a budget in mind this is the showerscreen for you. It features 6mm toughened glass, comes standard with a solid brass knob coated to match your choice of frame and has stainless steel hinge pins. The rounded frame has no grooves which makes it easier to clean.

Frameless Screens

These are the “elite” of showerscreens. Manufactured from 6mm or 10mm toughened glass and using the highest quality hardware, they are custom designed to meet your needs.

Mirrors & Shelves

Why not add a mirror? They can make a bathroom appear larger. We offer a range of framed, frameless/polished edge or bevelled edge mirrors. You can either install it yourself or have us come out and install for you.

Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are a modern alternative to tiles. They are easier to clean and maintain. Splashbacks are available in a great range of solid colours, metallic, multi sparkle metallic or can be customised to match your own décor. All our splashbacks are made from 6mm toughened glass, either clear or superclear glass.

Don’t think that splashbacks are only for the kitchen, they can be used in the laundry, bathroom or bar.

You don’t have to have a new kitchen to put in splashbacks you can install on your existing tiles. Call now for a free measure and quote or provide us with a quick drawing and we’ll get back to you with an approximate price.